EESTech has made further advancements to their patent pending IRF, which has resulted in the development of a ‘Titanium Pyro Reduction Furnace (Ti-PRF).

The Ti-PRF is a design breakthrough for the smelting of titanium and other reactive or refractory metals, achieving performance capabilities previously not possible.

The Ti-PRF is a highly efficient three-step process that uses the smelting advantages of the IRF to overcome the complex multi stage manufacturing difficulties inherent in conventional 1950’s methods of reducing titanium dioxide powder into titanium metal.

The Ti-PRF consumes up to 70% less energy than current systems, setting new industry benchmarks in energy efficiency. This dramatic reduction in power consumption significantly reduces the carbon footprint over traditional titanium smelting processes, positioning the Ti-PRF as an economically environmentally sustainable technology.

A comprehensive nonpartisan technical assessment confirmed the Ti-PRF as being more efficient and cost effective than current titanium smelting processes with a unique capability to produce market leading low-cost, high grade Titanium to drive an expanding market.