Reclamation Resource Recovery Process – R3 Process™

EESTech’s patent pending R3 Process represents Stage 1 of a highly efficient comminution process that enhances the beneficiation of feed materials to increase yields and profitability of waste recycling and mineral processing.

EESTech’s mine site and process slag waste recycling capability incorporates long service life equipment with successful operating histories in the oil, cement and minerals processing industries.

EESTech’s advanced R3 Process enhances the economic outcomes of the extractive metallurgy process to deliver significant improvements in resource recovery. All recovered materials are processed into smelt ready WRAM-ROX, that enhance efficiencies of the smelting process.

EESTech’s reclamation processing, incorporates a proprietary binary compound that reacts with the tailing sand to encapsulate each grain of sand within an acid resistant matrix to produce inert high-grade sand products. The beneficiated tailing sand has been independently validated as a non-hazardous NEMWA Class 4 “inert” material, suitable for broad range of applications.