Waste Resource Agglomeration Module – WRAM™

The WRAM process incorporates unique process architecture and advanced binder formulations to agglomerate recovered resource concentrates into upgraded products with enhanced commercial value.

An EESTech developed patent pending process independently tested and evaluated, the WRAM incorporates proprietary technologies entailing the re-engineered and re-configured extrusion and or roll forming equipment, particle shaping and engineering of advanced binder formulations.

The WRAM process agglomerates ore concentrates or valuable materials reclaimed from coarse discard dumps and fines dams to produce a saleable product in the form of “WRAM-ROX”;

EESTech’s WRAM-ROX are featured on page 27 of Sasol’s Climate Change Report, sub-heading: COAL BRIQUETTING TECHNOLOGY https://www.sasol.com/sites/default/files/2022-11/SASOL_CC Report 2022 2_0.pdf

A single line WRAM facility can agglomerate up to 120-tonnes per hour of wet or dry fines into highly compacted customized shapes and size as required for furnacing or gasification.

WRAM readily enables the blending of various minerals such as iron ore and coking coal and or an EESTech proprietary pyro-metallurgical formula to enhance smelting efficiencies through reduced energy consumption and increased production.

The WRAM process permits the porosity of WRAM-ROX to be regulated to facilitate improved aeration and oxidization efficiencies when smelting.

The high pressure blending and particle shaping of the WRAM allows for the potential bypassing of feedstock preparation of sintering, further reducing energy consumption and finished product costs.

Regardless of the application, the high shear blending of the WRAM process produces high-quality products of consistent composition throughout with enhanced performance characteristics.

Multiple independent trials have successfully demonstrated that WRAM-ROX have the necessary integrity to be used as feedstock for most applications, including waste coal fines agglomeration for gasification or for use as a feed stock for power generation.

WRAM-ROX increase the efficiency furnace operation to significantly reduce energy demand. WRAM-ROX resulted in a 30% reduction in downstream processing energy requirements and up to a 45% reduction in required carbon additives used in the smelting process, resulting in a substantial reduction of carbon emissions.