On the 15th November 2023 EESTech Inc, a provider of environmentally sustainable waste management solutions to the mining and mineral processing Industry signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SASOL , a global chemicals and energy company that harnesses its knowledge and expertise to integrate sophisticated technologies and processes into world-scale operating facilities.

EESTech is a publicly traded company on the US OTCQB, (trading symbol: EESH).
Our mission statement is to reduce the environmental impact of the worlds resource mining and minerals processing industries through their patents of advanced process technologies and services that result in waste minimization, recycling, and reuse over decades of disposal.

“In May 2022, Sasol developed an updated technology strategy and R&T structure. This was supported by an increase in research funding of ~15%, with a dedicated focus on developing and deploying future sustainable technologies. Our R&T function is researching and delivering various innovative solutions, such as boiler turndown and the development of a fine coal solution. In support of boiler turndown and addressing excess fine coal, an innovative fine coal briquetting technology developed by EESTech Inc Ltd is the most promising. The briquetting process allows for better utilisation of fine coal for conversion into higher-value products rather than using it as a fuel source. Feasibility and engineering studies are in progress which, if adopted, would lead to a significant reduction in raw coal production.”
Source: asol Limited climate change report, for the year ended 30 June 2022 (page 27)

“Several excess fine coal solutions have been evaluated for technical feasibility to enable the Business to utilise fine coal as a feedstock for Secunda’s gasification process. Technical feasibility studies were undertaken focusing on understanding the ability to address the full extent of the excess fine coal challenge, cost implications and execution schedules. Accordingly, fine coal briquetting was selected as the preferred solution. Coal briquetting is a process in which fine coal is moulded into briquettes for effective consumption in the gasifiers, in this way optimising feedstock usage. To mitigate potential schedule delays, smaller-scale solutions will be pursued for the period between turndown of the first boiler (targeted for 1 April 2025) and availability of the briquetting solution. We remain on track to deliver key milestones for the approval of basic engineering development for this solution.”
Source: SASOL Limited climate change report, for the year ended 30 June 2023 (page 30)

The signing of the MOU with SASOL outlines the undertaking of a feasibility study for a demonstration plant utilising EESTech’s intellectual property. This will enable SASOL to make an informed investment decision about whether to proceed with the building of a demonstration plant with the view of developing a full-size fine coal briquetting plant.

EESTech’s patented Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM) is used to produce WRAM-ROX (briquettes). A process that incorporates EESTech’s proprietary binder formulations to agglomerate fine coal discards into water resistant or waterproof WRAM ROX that can withstand the thermal shock as a feedstock for high temperature gasification. It is viewed that a WRAM ROX demonstration plant will illustrate how mined resources can be better utilised and extend raw mineral reserves with environmentally sustainable outcomes.