EESTech launches this new web site in support of its significant commitment and focus towards the delivery of mine and process waste remediation and reclamation services.

As Governments around the world tighten regulatory controls to improve environmental sustainability, the mining and resource industry, with its vast reserves of environmentally hazardous waste, is seeking economical solutions to what has now becoming a major environmental liability.

EESTech’s unique technological advancements will provide the resource industry with tools necessary to bring about an industrial scale and economically viable solution for the management of this waste. Over recent years EESTech has been at the forefront in developing a series of unique “market leading” mine and process waste remediation and reclamation services. These included EESTech’s investment in EMS, Inc. a pioneer and developer of waste management technologies, which provide a foundation to the waste management solutions EESTech is bringing to market.

With tightening commodity prices, the resource industry is burdened with legacy infrastructure and processes, ill equipped and challenged to fund new project workings. EESTech presents a compelling service offering. It is recognized that the vast volume of waste reserves located at mine and smelting facilities contain a varying percentage of valuable resource materials, particularly from older waste dumps that result from inefficient processing equipment of past times.

EESTech’s ability to cost effectively recover residual material of value from waste, leaving unwanted materials now classified as environmentally inert and potentially useable as feedstock for the building and construction industries. EESTech presents mine and process waste owners with a highly viable solution that addresses waste management responsibilities. The selling of their waste to EESTech at a nominal fee per ton, not only offsets the costs associated with remediating their site, it transforms a liability into a balance sheet asset.

EESTech is positioned to recover, beneficiate and sell resource products recovered from waste stockpiles at a fraction of the cost originally required to produce these materials. EESTech is competitively positioned as niche market supplier that can demonstrate profitable outcomes at a time when commodity metal prices are significantly depressed.

EESTech has completed preliminary assessments at a number of mine and process waste dumps and has supplied samples to various off takers for appraisal and market valuation. In the near future, on finalization of commercial arrangements, EESTech expects to announce project deployment schedules.