Recognizing the value potential of mine site and process slag waste as a resource for the production of technical grade sand products, EESTech developed a proprietary and patent pending process for upgrading slag waste into high grade sand products suitable for industry applications.

After air and water, sand is mankind’s most used resources and supply is becoming greatly constrained.

Sand is being described as one the most important commodities of the 21st century.

According to the United Nations, mining sand is estimated to be a US$70 billion global industry.

The earth naturally produces around 25 billion tons of sand a year, however demand exceeds 45 billion tons per year.

Billions of tons of mine site and process slag are found in mineral processing waste dumps around the world. Waste dumps are an environmental hazard that pollute natural water ways and contaminate the soils across the landscapes of our world.

After proof of technology trials, Samancor Chrome of South Africa, the world’s largest integrated ferrochrome (FeCr) producer, awarded EESTech an exclusive 10+ year contract for the reclamation of 10 million tons of FeCr slag for the recovery of chrome units as a concentrate for resale back to Samancor.
All process tailings (sand) are exclusively owned by EESTech and will be marketed as ThermaSand.

A single EESTech process line can reclaim over 700,000 tons of slag and mine waste per year, transforming what was once an environmental liability into high value products for downstream applications.
In addition to the first 10 million tons Samancor has an additional five FeCr slag dumps with a combined total exceeding 40 million tons, with the potential for future processing by EESTech.

The unique characteristics of ThermaSand makes it perfectly suited for a variety of high demand applications. EESTech’s proprietary processes enables further beneficiation of ThermaSand into a specialty ceramic sand product to be marketed as ThermaPrills, with both products ideally suited for applications in the foundry and metals casting industry or for the production of a geopolymer cement that could replace the high carbon emissions production of Portland Cement.

More than 90 percent of all manufactured goods in the United States contain foundry or cast metal components, an industry that requires 100 million tons of foundry and metal casting sands annually.

The global geopolymer and green cement markets were valued at US$3.832 billion in 2017 and is projected to expand 29.73% over the forecast period to reach US$18.265 billion by 2023.

EESTech’s reclaimed sands are inert, nontoxic and ecologically harmless in freshwater environments, completely inorganic, economically and environmentally sustainable.

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EESTech recycles waste environmental labilities to produce sand products that are the first real sustainable alternative to offset controversial wetland sand mining and the destruction of sensitive ecosystems.

The production of ThermaSand will significantly reduce carbon emissions, positioning EESTech products as a preferred option for industry, Governments, project financing and the generation of carbon credits.