NEW CASTLE, Delaware., date 25th February 2019 /PRNewswire/ – EESTech (otc-pink:EESH)

Dr. Patrick Caragata, Ph.D. Founder, Head of R&D and Director of RapidRatings Inc. and EESTech Advisory Board Member since 2010 joins the Board of Directors of EESTech Inc., a specialist in mine site and mineral processing waste management services.

EESTech’s Chairman, Mr Murray Bailey welcomes Dr Caragata to the Board of EESTech and looks forward to him taking up his role in early April 2019. Dr Caragata’s expertise and contribution to the Board will coincide with planned announcements of EESTech being awarded a significant contract for the reclamation and remediation of a multi-million ton minerals process slag dump, Mr Bailey said.

Dr Caragata is recognized globally as a pioneer of corporate credit rating systems. In 2001 he created the world’s first software-based global corporate credit rating agency, RapidRatings.

Dr Caragata was previously the Chief Tax Policy Advisor and Special Adviser Taxation Economics with New Zealand Inland Revenue Dept (1991-97), Chief Economist NZ Ministry of Energy (architect of the petroleum royalty regime in place since 1989), and Senior International Economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank (head of the Country Risk Analysis Group covering 65 countries (1983-86).

Dr Caragata is the author of 5 books, including; Business Early Warning Systems (Corporate Governance for the New Millennium), National Resources and International Bargaining Power, and co-editor of Taxation and the Limits of Government.

Dr Caragata said he looked forward to joining the EESTech Board at a time when EESTech is about to become a global leader of environmentally sustainable waste management services to the world’s mining and mineral processing industries.