NEW CASTLE, Del., Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — EESTech (OTC: EESH) – EESTech’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process for the Samancor Ferrochrome slag reclamation project has commenced with the appointment of EkoInfo (, a highly respected South African Environmental & Wildlife Management Consultancy.

EkoInfo is experienced in facilitating Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes and is one of the pioneering companies within South Africa’s environmental industry, having grown with the industry since 1995. EkoInfo is a well-established company with a significant network of supporting specialists. They have facilitated over 100 projects and have contributed to many more.

In February 2019, Samancor Chrome, South Africa, the world’s largest integrated miner of chromite and producer of ferrochrome (FeCr), awarded EESTech a 10-year contract with a 5-year extension option, to undertake the reclamation of 12.5 million tons of FeCr slag waste at Samancor’s Ferrometals operation, located at Emalahleni, approximately 65km east of Pretoria in South Africa.

Samancor has provided EESTech with a project site within the existing Ferrometals facility in close proximity to the FeCr slag dump. EESTech has completed preliminary engineering works, process design and site configuration. EkoInfo will now undertake the workings required to attain the necessary approvals for construction of EESTech’s zero-waste, environmentally sustainable, reclamation process.

This project is being well received as it will significantly reduce or eliminate the environmental liabilities of mine site and process waste, whilst optimising the profitable recovery of valuable resources from discard tailings, slag dumps and fines dams, located at mine sites and downstream process facilities.

EESTech will deliver Samancor a “zero waste” management solution, where EESTech’s advanced process technologies will reclaim up to 99% of residual FeCr units from the stockpiled slag. A single processing facility can process over 600,000 tons of slag waste per year. Under the terms of contract, Samancor will purchase all FeCr metal reclaimed by EESTech at a contracted and pre-determined price.

The EESTech proprietary process results in all post process tailings (PPT) being transformed into purified inert sand products that are in demand for in a variety of downstream applications.