EESTech delivers climate change technologies to the world’s mining and mineral processing industries. Mr. K. Brian Keegan’s expertise will support the company’s long term strategic planning, leveraging his expertise and global contacts to facilitate the financial requirements for deployment of the company’s project opportunities.

Brian is an accomplished investment banker, corporate director, and investor. He led the corporate finance and rating advisory teams at J.P. Morgan and Merrill Lynch.

In his 35-year career in investment banking, Brian led teams deliver actionable corporate finance solutions for institutional clients globally as well as select sovereign states in over 50 countries. Brian worked with the French and German ministers of finance to structure the EFSF which became the principal means the EU used to support select sovereign states in the wake of the Great Financial Crisis, he advised the CEO and CFO of JP Morgan on its own credit rating matters as well as conceptualized and implemented numerous corporate finance solutions in the mining, aerospace, power, consumer products and insurance industries.

Brian has worked in both emerging (Africa, Asia and Latin America) and developed markets since the mid 1980’s. Brian’s broad set of experience, across industries as well as geographies, enables him to lead effectively by example. His creative and innovative approach to solving problems is unique.

In November 2018, Brian founded K. B. Keegan & Advisors LLC, a corporate finance advisory practice. The firm focuses on optimal capital structure and debt capacity issues attentive to counterparty risk and credit ratings.

Brian is the lead independent director of The Afranie Group, an investment firm focused on businesses that service the aerospace and aviation industries. He is also a Senior Advisor to PJT Partners, the US-based investment bank, Monolith Capital, a US-based alternative asset manager and to Mizizi Africa Consumer Holdings, a Kenya-based holding company of consumer product companies.

Brian received his B.A. from University of California, Los Angeles and his M.B.A. from New York University Stern School. He speaks fluent French and Portuguese as well as conversational Spanish.