Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM)

This proprietary process platform agglomerates recovered materials sourced from course discard dumps, fines dams and processing waste to produce commercially useable products in the form of “WRAM ROX”.

  • A single line EESTech WRAM facility can agglomerate up to 125-tonnes per hour of wet or dry fines into a water resistant highly compacted customized forms and size as required for downstream furnacing.
  • WRAM readily accommodates the blending of various minerals such as iron ore and coking coal within the WRAM process to enhance smelting efficiencies through reduced energy consumption and increased production.
  • The WRAM process permits the porosity of agglomerated WRAM ROX to be regulated to facilitate improved aeration and reduction efficiencies.
  • The high pressure blending and particle shaping characteristics of the EESTech WRAM process allows for the potential bypassing of certain feedstock preparation processes such as sintering, providing opportunities to reduce finished product costs and energy consumption.

Regardless of the application, the high shear blending of EESTech’s WRAM process produces a superior quality product that is of consistent composition throughout with enhanced performance characteristics for downstream processing. WRAM ROX have been demonstrated to deliver a 30% reduction in downstream processing energy requirements and up to a 45% reduction in required carbon additives used by the furnace in the smelting process; equating to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Collectively delivering improved economic and environmentally sustainable outcomes in waste material management.

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