Cost effective power generation

High-energy costs and the lack of power availability throughout many parts of the world represent a significant market opportunity for an alternative cost effective energy provider. The simplicity, robust modular design, transportability of all components and the ability to burn almost any type of waste combustible as fuel, makes EESTech’s HCGT perfectly suited as an alternative power generation platform that promotes environmental sustainability.

HCGT – Hybrid Coal Gas Turbine

Developed by the Australian Government owned, Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the HCGT is a waste to energy platform that was originally developed to mitigate waste coal and ventilated air methane gas (VAM) from underground coal mines.

Waste Coal dumps are a source of environmental contamination resulting from the production of acid mine drainage and the generation of methane, a greenhouse gas. The HCGT is perfectly suited to burn these low grade energy sources as fuel for the generation of electrical energy, thereby mitigating these environmental liabilities.

EESTech’s HCGT is a waste to energy platform available in 1MWe, 3MWe or 6MWe modules, each can be fueled by a combination of waste combustibles to cost effectively generate electrical energy. The HCGT modules can be configured to meet application requirements and have been designed to interface with all other EESTech technologies. READ MORE