Advanced Processing Systems

EESTech is a provider of tangible and proven methods of mine-site remediation and reclamation through the cost effective delivery of critical waste management solutions.

Cross industry knowledge, a background in systems engineering and expertise in Pyrometallurgy has provided EESTech with a unique advantage in its approach to the development of advanced processing systems, a design advantage whereby high yields of valuable resources can be recovered from mine and process waste.

Proprietary formulations, process configurations and modifications of standard industry equipment, with retained supplier performance warranties, allow EESTech to deliver a service offering that is not able to be replicated or circumvented.

The worlds mining industry generally classified Waste fines as an environmentally hazardous by-product of mining, therefore avoided by mine and process operators due to high handling costs and environmental compliance liabilities associated with stockpiling of waste fines.

Whereas EESTech embraces the break-down of mine and process waste into ultra fine material in order to liberate recoverable resources, which then undergo EESTech’s unique process of particle separation and particle shaping prior to being re-agglomerated back into saleable products of ultra high grade and purity.

EESTech’s success does not depend on a single technology approach to the market. Whilst there is a symbiotic relationship between all EESTech intellectual property, each may achieve independent success through application as a stand-alone solution.

Remediation and Reclamation

The configuration and specification of any remediation and reclamation process to be applied to any project will be largely decided upon from site sampling tests, surveys and capacity limitations. These findings will ascertain the scale of application for each of the technologies, however, it is intended that each demonstrate economic viability.

Major budgetary items that will require further detailed analysis include site design, site preparation, procurement and freight for all equipment – process systems, deployment and commissioning of the process technologies plus the establishment of appropriate education and training centre facilities.


EESTech exclusively delivers the worlds most advanced mine site reclamation capabilities that reduce the environmental liabilities of mining while optimising the profitable recovery of mineral resources from mine or process waste.


EESTech actively seeks to reduce the environment impact of mining through the application of advanced processing capabilities that will provide tangible methods of mine-site remediation through the delivery of critical waste management solutions. READ MORE +


EESTech’s HCGT is a waste to energy platform available in 1MWe, 3MWe or 6MWe modules, each can be fueled by waste coal or a combination of waste combustibles to cost effectively generate electrical energy.