EESTech actively seeks to reduce industries impact on the environment through the application of technically advanced waste management processes and services that will set new benchmarks for environmental sustainability.

Whilst there is no single environmental remediation solution for the damage caused by mine and process waste facilities, Nature has the ability to regenerate itself over time. EESTech’s objective is to provide waste management solutions that will aid this natural process.

EESTech’s approach to remediation is to implement environmentally sustainable processes that complement  natures natural remediation process. The first step in remediation is the application of EESTech’s reclamation process, whereby the source and in most cases, the cause of contamination can be removed or made inert.

Through the process of reclamation, any remaining resource within the waste is recovered, leaving nonhazardous materials that can be removed for use in the construction industry or infrastructure development.

Through the selected application of EESTech’s proprietary equipment and processes the remediation project site can begin its transformation back into a living greenfield environment.

EESTech is committed to environmental sustainability and the communities in which we operate and live. The long-term nature of our projects will allow EESTech to establish lasting relationships with our clients and communities by making a positive contribution wherever we work.