EESTech’s two-stage waste management solution:

The key features of this unique 2-stage waste reclamation process are simplicity and cost effectiveness derived form state of the art equipment engineered to deliver specific outcomes.

Stage 1. Incorporates uniquely configured industrial comminution equipment to separate composite materials along their boundary lines. This proprietary process yields liberated particles that are then classified by various means into concentrates for further refining.

Stage 2.  Refines the recovered concentrates in a “Black Box” proprietary process designed to purify the concentrates into valuable finished products. The refining process is computer-modeled and controlled to insure the specification of the final product. EESTech’s use of cutting edge magnetic induction fields, custom fluxing agents, and computer controlled processing allows for the efficient production of quality alloys.

Proprietary Processing Equipment


The Delta-E is industry changing “black box” technology that utilizes an atomically tuned, modulating frequency to generate forces capable of breaking down material bonds. The system reduces feed material to less than -20 micron in size and particle shapes the material into micro spheres. READ MORE


The Vortex Particle Separator recovers ultra fine metals and minerals processed by the Delta-E. The design of this unit over comes the difficulties associated with processing ultra fine materials of less than -20 micron.  READ MORE


Pyro Metallurgical Purification technology uses proprietary magnetic induction fields incorporated with concentrate blending technics, computer modeled formulations, unique fluxing agents, and computer control systems to produce metal alloys from recovered concentrates. The recovered concentrates come from waste dumps and streams that are currently thought of as discard materials. READ MORE


Waste Resource Agglomeration Module is designed to agglomerate recovered resource waste into marketable products. WRAM allows mine operators to realize value from what was previously an environmental liability. READ MORE