Process Systems

EESTech provides tangible and proven methods of mine-site reclamation and remediation through the cost effective delivery of proprietary and uniquely engineered waste management solutions.

EESTech has successfully developed proprietary reclamation and remediation process solutions specific to the management of mine site and process slag waste, uniquely positioning EESTech with a capability to cost effectively recover residual materials of value from mine site and process slag waste. This breakthrough capability has been engineered to process over 120 tons of waste per hour, with zero-waste outcomes.

This proprietary process neutralizes waste dumps to significantly reduce their environmental impact, taking what was once a liability and transforming it into a valuable resource.

While developing a platform of waste management systems and equipment, a need to agglomerate or smelt recovered resources and a need to transform all residual post process tailing into environmentally sustainable by-products was identified as development objectives and project requirements. These requirements led to the development of three additional proprietary and patent pending process capabilities.

One: Waste Resource Agglomeration Module (WRAM), incorporates unique process architecture and advanced binder formulations to agglomerate recovered resource concentrates into upgraded products with enhanced commercial value.
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Two: Inductosmelt Reduction Furnace (IRF), a breakthrough in induction furnace technology. An EESTech patent pending technology that delivers a paradigm shift in the design of primary smelting technologies, promoting significant energy savings and performance capabilities previously thought unachievable.
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Three: ThermaSand, the transformation of residual materials into an inert environmentally stable sand, suitable for downstream applications including high temperature foundry sand.

EESTech’s advanced waste stabilization process incorporates the utilization of a proprietary binary compound that reacts with waste to encapsulate hazardous heavy metal materials within an acid resistant matrix. This enables production of refined ThermaSand that attains NEMWA Class 4 “inert” material certification, making it ideally suited for broad commercial use with the potential of delivering an environmentally sustainable “zero waste” outcome for owners of slag dump waste.
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Process Economics

The configuration and specification of any remediation and reclamation process applied to a project is engineered from site surveys, sampling tests, and capacity limitations. These findings ascertain the scale of application for each of the technologies applied and provide a front end economic feasibility assessment.