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EESTech develops Titanium Pyro Reduction Furnace

EESTech has made further advancements to their patent pending IRF, which has resulted in the development of a ‘Titanium Pyro Reduction Furnace (Ti-PRF).
The Ti-PRF is a design breakthrough for the smelting of titanium and other reactive or refractory metals, achieving performance capabilities previously not possible.

The Ti-PRF is a highly efficient three-step process that uses the […]

EESTech produces ‘ThermaSand’ from Mine Site and Process Waste

ThermaSand is produced from the application of EESTech’s patent pending Inductosmelt Reduction Furnace (IRF), transforming environmentally hazardous slag waste into a valuable resource.
Each year, the production of base metals results in multi-million tons of environmentally hazardous slag waste. EESTech’s IRF is capable of processing this waste into materials of value to achieve zero-waste outcomes.

EESTech’s reclamation […]

EECTech engineers a breakthrough for induction furnace design, Inductosmelt Reduction Furnace (IRF).

EESTech files patent pending Inductosmelt Reduction Furnace (IRF)
The IRF is a world first induction furnace capable of melting or smelting non-conductive materials.

The IRF has the potential to significantly reduces the cost of smelting, requiring up to 80% less energy than traditional electric arc or blast furnaces and achieves up to 99% recovery of metal from […]

Dr Johan Zietsman joins EESTech’s Advisory Board.

In preparation for project application of EESTech’s zero-waste reclamation and remediation services, EESTech is pleased to welcome Dr Johan Zietsman to the Company.

As one of Africa’s preeminent Professors of Metallurgical Engineering with extensive knowledge and experience in metallurgical engineering, process modelling, simulators and advanced process control systems, Dr Zietsman will benefit EESTech with the potential […]

EESTech Retains BDO

EESTech has engaged the services of the International Accounting firm, BDO, to both advise on international financial compliance requirements and to prepare the company reporting audits in preparation of returning to the public markets as a full reporting company.
BDO’s global network extends across 158 countries and territories, with over 67,700 people working out of more […]

EESTech delivers ZERO-WASTE outcomes

A legacy of the mining and resource industry is the multimillion ton stockpiles of hazardous waste, that until now have been considered a significant capital and environmental liability.
EESTech’s unique mine site and process waste management services will have significant long term implications for the world’s mining and resource industry by providing a zero-waste management solution […]

Rimon PC Law engaged by EESTech

EESTech has engaged the services of Rimon PC Law, an international law firm with an all-star team of attorneys.
Rimon is advising on matters relating to the restructuring of EESTech, giving the Company the ability to meet obligations and project funding requirements for anticipated capital growth as we initiate the deployment of our first reclamation and […]

EESTech Board announces Company restructure

EESTech Board of Directors, pursuant to Section 228(e) of the Delaware General Corporation Law has, upon receiving approval from the holders of greater than a majority of issued and outstanding shares of voting capital stock of the Company, increased the number of authorized shares from 100,000,000 to 300,000,000.
The increase in authorized shares comprises 150,000,000 shares […]

EESTech Pursuing Opportunities in Ferrochrome market

“Ferrochrome (FeCr) prices recently hit a high of US$1.20 per lb, a considerable increase from the 10-year low of US$0.55c per lb in mid 2016.”
EESTech has maintained a presence in South Africa for the past 6 years, directing its resources towards the successful development of a proprietary reclamation and remediation process solution specific to the […]

Shareholder News

EESTech launches this new web site in support of its significant commitment and focus towards the delivery of mine and process waste remediation and reclamation services.
As Governments around the world tighten regulatory controls to improve environmental sustainability, the mining and resource industry, with its vast reserves of environmentally hazardous waste, is seeking economical solutions to […]