EESTech is incorporated as a US company with its shares publicly traded on the OTC. EESTech has developed its intellectual property, undertaken product development and managed market introduction activities through its wholly owned subsidiary, EESTech Australia Pty Ltd. EESTech Inc Ltd, a New Zealand subsidiary, holds responsibility for the management of commercial operations, project deployment and delivery of its leading proprietary waste management services.

Billions of tons of resources are extracted from the earth each year. A legacy of the worlds mining and resource processing industry is the accumulation of multimillion tons of hazardous waste that have become a significant environmental liability.

EESTech utilizes proprietary processes and formulations to recover any remaining resources of value, with all post process tailing being neutralized and essentially transform into a range of commercially valued inert sand products, marketed by EESTech as ThermaSand.

EESTech aims to deliver the world’s only “zero risk – zero cost – zero waste” reclamation and remediation service to mine site and process slag waste dump owners, EESTech generates income from the sale of recovered resources.

Our Vision

EESTech actively seeks to reduce industries environmental impact through the commercial application of an advanced processing capability that will set new benchmarks for environmental sustainability. EESTech’s objective is to provide tangible methods of mine-site remediation and reclamation through the cost-effective delivery of critical waste management solutions.

EESTech understands that in today’s world, academics, industry and governments are seeking business partners who can provide real solutions, with a breadth of capability, flexibility, innovation and added value.

EESTech’s waste management solutions are well positioned as the smart option, with enormous worldwide implications for mining and process industries as they seek to comply with the ever increasing demands for improved environmental sustainability.

Our Commitment

EESTech is committed to environmental sustainability and the communities in which we operate and live. The long-term nature of projects will allow EESTech to establish lasting relationships with clients and communities by making a positive contribution wherever we work.

EESTech always seeks to support local enterprise development, employment, skills development, use of local business services wherever project workings are undertaken.

Environmental Regulations Supporting EESTech

Governments around the world are implementing strict laws for the handling of hazardous waste, EESTech’s waste management solutions are uniquely engineered and well positioned to assist organizations meet  environmental  regulatory compliance.

With legislation requiring mine site and process waste to be recorded and classified as hazardous waste, the use of such waste for landfill or left in waste slag dumps is no longer a feasible option unless costly and significant treatment workings are implemented, resulting in a situation where current waste landfill practices have become increasingly cost prohibitive, making EESTech’s waste management solution the smart option.