EESTech Inc. was incorporated in 2000 as a US company with its shares publicly traded on the US OTC.

EESTech’s initial charter was the development and licensing of environmentally sustainable technologies, it now has a specific focus on the commercialization of innovative, proprietary mine site waste remediation and reclamation technologies.

EESTech can deliver the worlds most cost effective and advanced remediation and reclamation services that reduce the environmental footprint and remediation liabilities of mine and process waste, whilst optimising profitable recovery of any mineral resources from that waste.

EESTech can cost effectively reclaim the remaining metals and ores for profit whilst neutralizing the residual waste for ready commercial use by the construction industry.

Our Vision

EESTech actively seeks to reduce industries environment impact through the commercial application of an advanced processing capability that will set new benchmarks for Environmental sustainability. EESTech’s objective is to provide tangible methods of mine-site remediation and reclamation through the cost effective delivery of critical waste management solutions.

EESTech understands that in today’s world, academics, industry and governments are seeking partners who can provide solutions, offer breadth of capability, flexibility, innovation and added value.

Our Commitment

EESTech is committed to environmental sustainability and the communities in which we operate and live. The long-term nature of projects will allow EESTech to establish lasting relationships with clients and communities by making a positive contribution wherever we work.

EESTech seeks to support local enterprise development, employment, skills development, use of local business services.

Environmental Regulations Supporting EESTech

Governments around the world are implementing strict laws for the handling of hazardous waste, including criminal conviction of company directors in breach of environmental regulations governing the management of mine and process waste.

Legislation requires the inclusion and classification of hazardous waste generated by the mining and processing industry to be recorded and reported. This brought about an approximate 500% increase in the volume of declared hazardous waste produced by these industries.

The permitting of new landfill facilities is being closely monitored, with the cost of permits being significantly increased.

Resulting in a situation where current waste landfill practices have become increasingly cost prohibitive, making EESTech’s waste management solution the smart option.

Market Drivers

A legacy of the world’s mining industry is the abundance of mine and process waste, with most being classified as hazardous and a significant capital and environmental liability.

EESTech’s unique approach to remediation and reclamation provides a solution to this industry challenge, generating a broad range of commercial opportunities for EESTech.

Granting EESTech the rights to mine and process waste for the recovery of salable resources, transforms a financial and environmental liability into a valuable resource asset.

EESTech’s waste management solutions will have enormous world wide implications for the future of sustainable mining.

EESTech is able to capitalise on its “first mover” status, using this market advantage to secure process rights to many of the resource industries mine and process waste facilities.

Project Enablement

EESTech has established strong project deployment capabilities through a working partnership with organisations that are preeminent Service Providers of Engineering, Construction, Procurement (EPC), Project Operations, Maintenance and Management (OMM), all are recognised as industry leaders in mining and resource recovery.

EESTech and its supporting organisations have extensive experience in evaluation and development of greenfield projects. This experience provides project optimisation programs capable of maximising the resource yield potential of any mine or process waste remediation and reclamation project undertaken.